Hotel Tisno Rooms

We are a small, family-owned hotel dedicated to providing the best stay experience to our guests. Experience the delight of staying beside the sea, enjoy the hospitality of our friendly staff that is eager to assist you, feel amazing as you indulge in the best of our offer.

Our Services

Hotel Tisno provides all services you need.


Swimming Pool

Relax by the pool whenever you feel like it.

Free Wifi

Throughout the hotel stay in touch if you want to.

Airport Taxi

Just send us a note and we'll take care of it.


Is simply delicious. Try out our local cuisine.

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Holiday season is coming
Holiday season is coming. We've all seen it!
Shopping centers have already been decorated, stores with shelves lined with holiday
Autumn in Tisno
Autumn in Tisno
Summer is over, new school year has long begun, as well as work duties. But, if you


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