10 attractions to visit

  1. Museum of wooden shipbuilding Betina - opened in 2015 in Betina as a memorial to all calafats and shipbuilders who for years have written the history of this small but specific Dalmatian village. Various manifestations that connect the past and the future are held in the museum today. With a price of 30,00 kn, you can visit the Museum every day from 9 to 15 and in the summer months every day from 10 am to 10 pm.
  2. Michael's Fortress  & Barone Fortress- two out of the four fortresses that surround the town of Sibenik have been renovated in recent years. Today, various concerts and workshops are held in the fortress. Fortresses can be visited at a unique price of 70,00 kn. You will enjoy  a beautiful panoramic view of the town of Sibenik and the archipelago.
  3. Cathedral of  St. James in Sibenik - the most important architectural achievement of the 15th and 16th century in the territory of Croatia. The Cathedral is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list since the year 2000.
  4. Vrana Lake - the largest lake in Croatia covers an area of 57 m2. The lake has been declared a Nature Park since 1999th.
  5. Vidikovac Kamenjak - if you decide to visit Vrana Lake, the highest peak of the park is Vidikovac Kamenjak. You can enjoy in the beauties of the lake itself, numerous islands not only in the Sibenik and Murter archipelago, but also in Zadar arhipelago. The entrance fee for the Nature Park is 20,00 kn.
  6. Cikola / Ethno Land - if you're brave enough and eager to adrenaline, you can see the landscape of the Cikola canyon from a slightly different perspective, Zip line. On return, visit Etnoland in Pakovo Selo and enjoy traditional dalmatian dishes and home-made wines.
  7. Skradin / Skradinski buk - located on the Krka riverbank is one of the entrances to the Krka National Park and leads to the last barrier on the Krka river, the beautiful waterfall, the Skradinski buk.
  8. Visovac / Education Trail / Roski slap / Krka Monastery - on the island of Visovac, which is also located in the National Park of Krka, there is a Franciscan monastery. Various hiking trails provide you for the experience of nature, and one of them is a long-distance track 8.5 km Stinice - Roski slap (the last waterfall on the Krka River). You can also visit the Krka Monastery, an Orthodox monastery with ancient Roman catacombs located under its walls.
  9. Knin Fortress - river Krka springs near the town of Knin, 60 km away from Tisno. An important landmark is the Knin fortress, built in the 9th century it is one of the oldest and largest European fortresses. Entrance fee is 30,00 kn.
  10. Kornati National Park and the islands of the Sibenik archipelago - the Kornati Archipelago consists of 89 amazing islands. The full day excursion with excursion boat is 300,00 kn per person. Also, if you do not like the larger groups, you can individually visit some of the islands in the Sibenik archipelago, Carpi, Zirje, Zlarin and many others.

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