Autumn in Tisno

Autumn in Tisno

Summer is over, new school year has long begun, as well as work duties. But, if you are planning your holiday in autumn,  Dalmatia still has a lot to offer. The weather is still nice and sunny, typical „Indian summer so to say, air temperature is higher than 24°C, sea temperature is around 20°C, and the beaches in this time of year are empty.

There are no people, no popular „towel reservations“ meaning you don't have to get up at 5 in the morning just to catch the best place on the beach nearest to the sea. Also, restaurants and various tourist attractions are not crowed.  You don't need to wait in line to buy a ticket for National park or cross the paths over the river surrounded by numerous people.

And what is there to do in autumn? Wine tastings or visits to vineyards are the first suggestions. We remember the old, simple times and traditional process of wine making, or, as our grandparents would say, in Croatian „mastiti“. The traditional way to press the grapes is by putting them in a large bucket ( mašteja ), cleaning feet very well and then treading on the grapes to crush them. The juice, would then be cooked. Today, this initial phase in wine production is done using manual or electric machines. 

Olives are in peak season for harvest after the All Saint's Day or even sooner. Imagine a sunny day, very pleasant 20°C in the air, you outside in the fresh air, surrounded only with olive trees. Is there a better way to spend a day while on holiday? At the same time, you can experience olive harvest, get to know Dalmatian customs and hear more about local life and tradition.

Also, we're sure you didn't know that according to recent research, simply smelling olive oil can reduce hunger and keep you feel full.

Cycling, is also one of activities suitable for autumn, and the island of Murter offers bicycle tracks all over the island.

Ok, there's no guarantee from us that you, maybe won't experience a rainy day, still it's autumn!

Autumn in Tisno

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