Holiday season is coming

Holiday season is coming. We've all seen it!

Shopping centers have already been decorated, stores with shelves lined with holiday decorations weeks before holiday itself, leave us enough time to decide whether to have a gold, blue or silver decorations on our Christmas tree. Or, maybe, pouty pink, because after all it is the season's number one color.

Christmas classics, such as „Last Christmas“ can be heard on the radios, or you catch yourself drumming in your car,  Mariah Carey's latest hit „All I Want For Christmas Is You“. And if by any chance you don't know that the holiday season is coming, you will be soon reminded by Coca - Cola's Christmas commercial.

Some people already have their Christmas trees up and decorated houses.

Don't  forget, the movies „Home Alone“ and „Love Actually“ which are premiered on the TV, but don't worry if you miss it, maybe you will see it next year.

But lets be honest and admit. We all love this time of the year!

Everything is so colorful! The cities have a sparkly decorations, Christmas trees glistening thought the homes windows. That Christmas spirit is all around us and smiles are coming from everyone.

We all spend quality time with our family, catch up with friends that we didn't see for a while.

We try to find the perfect gift for our beloved, imagine their reaction when they unwrap their gifts.

We are all off work for few days and if we're not, we are allowed to complain as much as we like.

And don't forget the excuse for all the food that we will eat.

Holiday season is about our family's and friends, joy, tradition and finding the perfect gift for ones that we love.

Simply, there is something magical about the most beautiful time of the year and psst, our Christmas tree will be ready in few days also.

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Holiday season is coming

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