The City of Fortresses

The City of Fortresses

Šibenik, known as the city of fortresses, is economical and administrative center of Šibenik – Knin county. It is also often called Krešimir's city.

The city of Šibenik was first mentioned in 1066 in a charter of Petar Krešimir IV, the Croatian king.

It is the first city in the world that started using alternating current on 28th August 1895, and we can proudly say, Šibenik is preceded big cities like New York, Paris and London.

Croatian navy was founded here and also Šibenik is the city with 2851 stone stairs in the old town.

There is numerous interesting buildings and churches to see in Šibenik and the most prominent is St. James Cathedral. Built completely of stone it is the only such building in Europe. Different icon graphic innovations make this cathedral special, for example various sculptural decorations on the apses, including the row of 74 portraits of contemporary of the sculptor and builder Juraj Dalmatinac.

Since 2000, the cathedral has been under UNESCO protection. We would like to emphasize that Šibenik is also the city with best preserved old town.

As we have already say at the beginning of the blog, Šibenik is a widely know as the city of fortresses. There are four impressive fortresses that surround the city; St. Michael's, St. John, St. Nicholas and Barone ( Šubičevac ).

St. Michael's fortress, mentioned for the first time in the 11th century, was built to defend the entrance to river Krka canyon and the bay of Šibenik. The fortress, as we know it today, dates from 18th century and after revitalization, there is an open air stage which organizes various cultural, musical and theatrical events.

Šubičevac or Barone fortress has recently been renovated. It is connected to St. John fortress and together they played an important role in defending Šibenik in 1647.

St. John fortress, special because of its star – like shape. In 2014. Served as setting for filming word famous TV series „ The Game of Throne“.

St. Nicholas fortress, built in the middle of 16th century, at the entrance to the St. Anthony channel served to protect the city from sea – bound enemy attacks.

Šibenik is only 20 minutes drive from Tisno, a reason more to visit city with rich history and impressive cultural heritage.

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The City of Fortresses

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