Skradinski buk

Krka National Park – the beauty of nature

Krka waterfalls were declared National Park in 1985. It boasts the alluring beauty of nature, intact or insignificantly altered ecosystems and specific karst landscape.

Krka National Park spreads across an area of 109 square kilometers along the Krka River and stretches 2 km downriver from Knin to Skradin and lower part of the river Čikola.
The park holds multiple values. This is the area of scientific, educational, cultural and recreational significance.
Skradinski buk is one of the most attractive features of the whole park. This massive natural pool with high waterfalls and cascades is absolutely breathtaking. It is frequently listed among the most beautiful calcium carbonate waterfalls in Europe.
Here you can find exceptionally rich and varied flora and fauna. A variety of fish species, many of which are endemic; as much as 222 bird species and 18 species of bats prove that Krka National Park is a place of extreme natural value. And vegetation is equally diversified.
This picturesque canyon abundant in travertines, cascades and waterfalls is calling you. Immerse yourself in pure natural beauty, reconnect with life itself and experience the most amazing adventure ever. Answer the call!