Vrana Lake

Vrana Lake Nature Park – a lake with Mediterranean climate

The largest natural lake in Croatia, Vrana Lake, and its surrounding areas were proclaimed a Nature Park on the 21st of July, 1999. The lake is covering the area of 30,2 km², it is 13,6 km long, and 1,4-3,4 km wide. It stretches parallel with the sea coast in direction northwest-southeast, separated from the sea by 800-2500 m wide limestone ridge on altitude of 113 m above the sea level.
This area carries tremendous importance regarding the protection of ecosystem, especially, endangered European bird species. It is also considered the largest swamp area on the east coast of the Adriatic. Vrana Lake Nature Park represents a specific area of wetlands, flooded meadows, marshes and habitats for rare birds. In 1983, the northwest part of the park was declared reservation of ornithology.